For those who are not satisfied by the luxury of lazing around, sunbathing on the beaches, there are many sports activities available on the island. Whatever your age, you can have a good time and come back energized from an eventful vacation. If you are tired of swimming in the sea, there are other sports which will give you the thrills.

One such option is going for sailing in the sea. This is very popular and many events like the King’s cup are organized. You can go for solo-sailing or in a group or just choose to cruise around. The facility of boat-charters makes it more convenient for sailing and exploring the hidden lands! Fishing also makes an interesting pastime here. The fishes are abundant in these waters and some fishing trips are also organized. The sea here is a perfect place for scuba diving and snorkeling. You can enjoy the marine life in the clear and fresh water of the sea. There are diving schools which organize certificate programs for diving.

There are a number of water parks off shore which promise a good time for the whole family.

At the beaches, playing beach-volleyball on a sunny day is really fun. Swimming in these parts is safe as you are guarded by the watchful eyes of the lifeguards. Other water sports include parasailing, water bikes, water-skiing, rubber-rafting and sea-kayaking – whatever be your choice you are promised a fun-filled and exciting time.

Apart from beaches, Ibiza also has many hills and trekking or hiking is developing as a new sport here. Climbing atop the green, pine-covered hills and having a majestic view of the whole area is indeed a tempting idea.

You can also spend a quiet, peaceful day at any of the golf courses. The equipments can be hired.

The cheapest way to get around the city is hiring a cycle. It is the best way to travel around the island discovering many places on the way. It is also a good exercise.

Horse-riding is also a popular outdoor activity. It is done under the supervision of a trainer. There are many riding schools providing good experience for the first-timers and the experienced ones.

There are other sports activities on offer like tennis, go karting, bowling, paintballing, rock climbing, canyoning, hot air balloon and the like.

The hotels and resorts also provide many options for some great outdoor sports and activities.

An action-packed holiday, so many things to do and so much to see – all this and more awaits you here!
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