For all connoisseurs of good food and drinks, Ibiza is the perfect choice to satisfy the gourmets in them. The food served in the restaurants here includes everything from the traditionally made local dishes as well as the international cuisines. The pleasure of the setting makes the experience all the more heavenly because your food will be served in the backdrop of the beaches, the lush green hills or the meadows. When you are here, you will never run out of choices for a suitable place to eat. Whether it is a sophisticated restaurant, a beach-side bar or the small eating joints spread all over the place, Ibiza has it all and plenty.

The menu is very cosmopolitan reflecting the mix of people visiting this island. There are plenty of choices whatever your criteria are. The restaurants serve traditional food, experimental dishes and a mix of international dishes. The restaurant can be divided on the basis of the ambience it provides whether it is suited for a romantic, friendly or family visit. If you are planning to eat out on Sundays, make sure bookings are done as Sundays turn to be rather busy and full.

While you are in Ibiza the best way to get the essence is enjoy the local food. The customarily made dishes with rabbit, lamb, fish and chicken or the more innovative ones from Provencal or Catalan cuisine, everything is available here. It is a paradise for the sea-food lovers and they should try out the fresh sardines and other fishes prepared in a variety of ways.

Having a meal at the walled town of Ibiza’s Dalt Vila is an unforgettable experience. There are many restaurants here where the specialty is the Mediterranean cuisine. The La Marina area of Ibiza town also offers few interesting options for a meal – La Brasa and El Pirata being the popular ones. Though a little expensive, the Marina Botafac area is also spotted with restaurants all along, the Madrigal being well known. Other towns also have a mentionable choice for food. San Antonio has some British owned restaurants.

Ibiza is an island that does not sleep and so the restaurants also remain open till late through the night. Not only the tourists but the local people also like to dine-out occasionally and partake in the heavenly experience of having food with the sound of the sea as music. Ibiza restaurants tend to fill up for Sunday lunch and so booking is essential at this time.
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