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Ibiza has been well endowed by nature and its beauty. Everywhere nature can be found in abundance and full glory. As you move to the interior parts of the city, you get to enjoy some enchanting scenery. The clear sky, blue sea, green hills, meadows, the country side, olive trees, everything has an unworldly charm to it.

Whichever time of the year you plan to visit Ibiza, it will surprise you by its plentiful natural assets.

The small islands that surround Ibiza also are amazingly beautiful especially es Vedra in Sant Josep. Special mention has to be made of the prairies of Posidonia which are integral to the island. There are two National Parks here which make an interesting place to visit. The ses Salinas National Park has a huge variety of natural beauty like the salt beds, beaches, old ghost trees, cliffs and rocky coastline.

The other one is the park at es Vedra, es Vedranell which consists of small islands, marine environment, cliffs, ravines, beaches and hills. It also has the highest point on the island – Sa Talaia which is 487 meters above sea level.

The flora and fauna found on the island have more than a thousand species. There are many plants and trees that are a specialty of this place – pine-nut tree, juniper tree, kermes oak, rock rose, myrtle, strawberry tree, thyme, oleander and many more.

The fauna in Ibiza is spread over the sea, land and even the underground. They can be categorized into four: Marine fauna, fauna in the continental waters, land fauna and underground fauna.

Take a walk by the countryside and enjoy the richness that the nature provides here. Sitting somewhere by the hill and watching the sunset is a heavenly experience… Make the most of it while you are here.

Nowadays all over the world eco-tourism is increasingly becoming popular. Ibiza with all its natural charm provides much joy to the visitors.

One such tour is organized by the Green Ibiza Tours which will give you the opportunity to spend a few days in harmony with nature, away from the crowded cities, to experience the magic of nature.
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