People say that shopping is the best way to relieve stress; if so, then Ibiza provides a lot of opportunities to de-stress! The island has a splendid line up of interesting shops selling a mixed variety of merchandise to suit all budgets. The fashion industry is growing here and caters to the international guests coming here. Apart from these there are many larger stores and supermarkets. The best shopping centers are spread over the areas frequented by the tourists as the goods are mainly aimed at them.

Being a land of beaches there are shops which largely sell espadrilles, beach wears and other beach utilities. This place has a very interesting spread of gift articles and fashion accessories.

Ibiza town has many trendy boutiques and well known shops like Mango and the Bodyshop. If you are looking from some souvenirs for family and friends the best option available is at San Antonio bay and Santa Eulalia. Another thing to shop for is the sportswear which can be found at the shopping areas in San Antonio, Santa Eulalia and Figueretas.

The working hours for these shops are from 9 in the morning to 9 in the evening. The shops on the beach stay open till late night. During the peak season however, most shops are open all days of the week. The small boutiques and market stalls along the coastline also provide a good bargain.

If you follow fashion closely, Ibiza Town has many options for you selling designer labels with all kinds of accessories. Sunglasses, watches, shoes, handbags, wallets, belts, perfumes, wines – all these are available, suiting all budgets.

The Hippy Markets, organized every Wednesday, are a must in the list of markets for the shoppers. They sell some colorful, handmade jewelry, clothes and crafts.

As everything in Ibiza, shopping also gives many choices. From the contemporary designs to the local, everything is available here. The places to shop for are also plenty – from the local markets to the branded international labels. Make the most of it and enjoy your shopping!


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