Ibiza is most notorious tourist location, has not always enjoyed so infamous a status. The island only came to the world's attention in the mid-twentieth century, with the dawn of mass tourism and the development of commercial air travel, not to mention the advent of popular music as we know it today.

But the island is by no means a new discovery. The earliest known settlement on Ibiza was in around 4500 BC, when Neolithic settlers crossed from the mainland to tend their animals on Ibiza 's fertile terrain. The first settlers to make a real impact, however, were the Phoenicians in around 650 BC. With what can only be described as a tremendous sense of foresight, they named their settlement - modern-day Ibiza Town - Ibosim, after Bes, their god of dance. Ibosim's ideal location on the trade route between Europe and North Africa had attracted the Phoenicians, and, after them, the Carthaginians. The main product they traded was salt, which remained the main source of income until tourism took over.

Ibiza is home to an appealing variety of historic buildings, museums, and interesting sightseeing opportunities. There are so many wonderful attractions in Ibiza that there is sure to be something for everyone to see. Attractions in Ibiza include a wide variety of places to visit, so whether you are looking for thrills and excitement, Ibiza history and exhibitions, you will not have to look far for attractions in Ibiza .

Ova d'es Culleram - The famous Cova d'es Culleram was discovered in 1907. This large cave was a temple to the goddess Tanoit during the days of the Cathaginian rulers and is located in the San Vicente area of Ibiza . The many treasures that were unearthed in the caves are exhibited in the archaeological Museum at Dalt Vila, in Ibiza . The Cova d'es Culleram can be easily reached by car, and then by foot, and is well signposted.

Paseo Vara de Rey - Featuring many excellent bars and restaurants, the Paseo Vara de Rey is a popular place on Ibiza , particularly in the evenings. This avenue is a major landmark in Ibiza and also features many shops, including designer clothes outlets and beach accessories. This lively area in Ibiza is always busy and is an exciting place to be.

Ponylandia (Pony land) - Ibiza 's Pony land is a perfect attraction for children on the island and is home to a number of friendly ponies that can be ridden by young children. Nearby there is also a flea-market, with many interesting items include jeweler, vases, handicrafts and general bric-a-brac.

Es Vedra Rock - Playa de Calla d'Hort, San José , Ibiza, 07469, Spain

Standing almost 400 meters above the sea, Es Vedra Rock is a memorable attraction on Ibiza . The rock takes on an almost magical appearance at sunset and was once the home to a hermit, who lived on the rock for several years. Boats rides are available, allowing a closer look at this beautiful, natural phenomenon and other rocky isles nearby.

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