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About Ibiza

Ibiza is a part of the Balearic Islands and with its stunning locale surrounded by the sea and hills covered with pine trees is a breathtaking sight. Ibiza is a group of small and some uninhabited islands. The people of Ibiza are called Ibizenco and their official language is Catalan and Castilian. It is the most visited holiday destination all over the world.

It is spread over an area of 572 km². The main city is Ibiza town which is one of the oldest towns. The other important places are San Antonio and Santa Eulalia. This small island was ruled by Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs and Catalans in succession and so the traditions, architecture and lifestyle have the influence of all these cultures.

Ibiza in general has a moderate climate throughout the year. Summer starts in May, when the island becomes a hotspot for tourists. There is minimal rainfall here and it mostly enjoys a warm and sunny weather. Winter sets in sometime in November and lasts till April but even then the temperature is never below 0º Celsius. This favorable climate makes it a destination for fun-filled action all year round.

One cannot ignore the excellent infrastructure of the place. It is well connected to other towns by public transports. There are a sizable number of telephones (mobile and fixed). All areas are provided with basic facilities like water and electricity. Internet access is also notable. So, all the modern amenities are available here.

The prime areas of interest for the visitors are the numerous beaches, over 60 in number. There are hidden coves all over the shoreline. Being a place of historical importance there are many places and monuments to visit. If you are looking for some dance and party, this is the place you should be in, because Ibiza has a host of world famous clubs and bars where evenings come to life.

The list of activities will make you breathless! For all sports lovers, there are many water sports available here. If you are adventurous you can spend your time by playing beach volleyball, rafting, water-skiing, catamaran sailing, parasailing, off-road motorcycling – the list goes on…

But if you are not looking for the thrills, this place is just as perfect for you. A dip in the clear, blue sea, lazing around in the warmth of the sun, on the beach side – this is also a choice. If you are craving for more, the evening brings on the party mood to the island. There are nightclubs, bars and discos where you can let your hair down. Whatever be your idea of a perfect vacation, this place offers it all.

The island has a festive mood in general and once you land here you will also be infected by the jovial spirit and return home with memories of a lifetime.
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